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252-2, Yeom Chang-Dong,Kang Seo-ku
Seoul, Seoul 157-862
Korea (South)

Tel: 82-2-3664-6601
Fax: 82-2-3664-6661

Contact: Baik, jinsoo, Overseas trade
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Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Exporter
Employees: 34
Year Established: 1994
Annual Sales Volume: $200M to $500M
Bank Ref: Shin-han Bank
Harmonized System Codes: 3204

Business Message

In November, 1992, Eastwell started business as an a subsidiary (Trade company)
of Kyung-in Synthetic Corporation. It opened a branch office in Shanghai, China.
Eastwell has been grown as a corporation through worldwide business network.
Since its establishment, it has made achievements based on the accumulated
know-how and technology.
Eastwell built its 1st factory in Sihwa Industrial Complex, Siheung in 1996 and
2nd factory in Dangha-dong, Incheon in 1998. Now it has grown as a functional dye
manufacturer. Eastwell built Precise & Chemical R&D center with intensive
investment and manufactured precise chemical products which needs
state-of-art technology. It has been known as a high-quality manufacturer.
Eastwell manufactures value-added dispersion fluorescence dye, high purity
solvent dye for engineering plastic, functional colors made of electric materials, and dye for Inkjet-Ink. In 1997, it was appointed as a Venture Firm by Government due to its technology.
In addition, it applied Phosphor for White LED for a patent in January, 2000.
Eastwell will accomplish by manufacturing environment-friendly dye.

Nov. 1992 Established Eastwell Co.,Ltd. (CEO : Heung-jun, Kim)
Dec. 1992 Registered Trade Business (No.9223396)

Apr. 1994 Opened branch office in Shanghai, China
Feb. 1995 1st Issue of new shares to be purchased
Oct. 1996 Built 1st Factory in Siheung

May.1997 Moved main office (1355-7, Jeonghwang-dong, Siheung,Gyeonggi-do)
Oct. 1997 2nd Issue of New Shares to be purchased

Oct. 1998 Built 2nd Factory in Gimpo
Jul. 1999 Selected as Venture Firm developing new technology
Feb. 2000 Capital - 600 million Won
Mar. 2000 Inauguration of President : Won-woo, Choi
Oct. 2000 4th Issue of New Shares to be purchased (Capital - 720 million Won)


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